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Ana Panigassi

Science communicator

Clinical Mentor/Researcher/Innovator/M.D.
Public speaking and lecturing; creating content in science communication and delivering the message. Scientific consultant/researcher.
Jill of all trades for science's sake

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About me

ObsGyn M.D. (alma mater @Unifesp), Scicomm enthusiast, @Bioinnovate_Ire and @Famelab_Ireland alumna, @BrightClubDub open call winner, @PintofScienceIE MC, clinical research cheerleader, honkenbonkers curiositarian

Ana is a Medical Doctor, trained in one of the top-ranked medical schools in Latin America (Unifesp - Paulista School of Medicine, Sao Paulo, Brazil), who specialises in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She has several years of clinical experience as a consultant physician along with a strong academic background, both in medical education and research.
Ana has extensive experience of both the Brazilian private and public health systems (working in some of the leading hospitals and clinics in the country) and also the military (she is a First Lieutenant Military Police Medical Officer - Reserve), where she chaired the High-Risk Pregnancy Service of Sao Paulo’s Military Police Hospital. She has tutored all levels of medical students and residents and is also a published academic author. Her most significant research was carried out with the First Trimester Screening Group at Unifesp, of which she is one of the founding members.
Ana moved to Ireland in 2015 and started a deep dive in Digital Healthcare and BioInnovation. She started as a Fellow in BioInnovate Ireland in 2016 and was Clinical Mentor and a Researcher in Women's Health Innovation up until 2018. She helped teams get amazing projects off the ground and grow them to successful early start-ups. Ana also became a Science Communicator; she loves to take the stage to talk about science and has won Scicomm competitions and awards. Now, Ana is getting another M.Sc, this time in Clinical Trials and Translational Research at University College Dublin.

In her spare time, she loves quizzes, films, cooking and travelling the world with her dog Jezza, star of the Instagram account @therandomisedscientist.

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I absolutely love new projects on engagement, mentoring, creating amazing content and educating!

Dublin, Ireland

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